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Home Furnishing Like a Designer

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The average person redesigns and redecorates their home every 5 years. Shouldn’t everyone deserve the right to participate in this fun, invigorating, and creative activity? YES!!

There’s so much that needs to be done. So, where do we start? Evaluating your floor plan is a key part of where the design process begins. How many square feet do you have to play with? Where are the windows and doors in the room located? If you typically walk into the room from a specific direction, that can play a large part in how you would lay out your furniture. Some of the biggest problems that our interior designers see is the poor use of space in client’s homes. Just by moving a couch and adding a mirror on the wall, the room can feel twice as large.

Below you will see an example of a floor plan that one of our interior designers created for a client. As you can tell, the room measurements have been laid out, a fireplace has been acknowledged, and furniture has been shown.

Interior Design Floor Plan

You’ve now evaluated your layout and the space is finally ready for the furnishing plan. However, before you can look at specific furniture pieces, you need to determine the style you would like to follow. What style are you interested in: Mid-century modern, farmhouse, industrial chic, transitional, traditional, urban? Although the options may seem intimidating, there is no reason to fear, your Sitting Pretty interior designer is here! One of the greatest benefits of working with our team is that the Sitting Pretty Design Center a bit differently. Since we now how much people HATE cookie-cutter, so, we like to mix in a little bit of everything. Our goal is to personalize, customize, and accessorize your furniture and your life in every way that you imagined.

After measuring and determining the style that you would like to follow in your living room, you have determined that a sectional and love seat would fit best. Our interior designer will then walk you through another room in your home, such as the dining room. A shattered glass dining room table and eight chairs would compliment the space perfectly. Your bedroom can fit a California King bed and two nightstands quite easily. The momentum has been set and your personalized design experience has been set in motion!


Now that the furniture has been chosen, the customization process will begin. Creating your color board is the next big step. Do you imagine the room being blue with gold accents or is there another color scheme that defines you better? After concluding the color scheme choice process, the next step is when you choose your material (wood, metal, etc.) finishes, furniture fabrics, and potential decor. Here at the Sitting Pretty Design Center, our experienced interior designers will walk you into our fabric room where you can look at fabrics to your hearts content.

Color Scheme for Interior Design redecoratin

Once, you’ve chosen the fabric, you can look at metal samples, wood samples, and Viola! Your newly designed home is complete!

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