Go back to the basics

Go back to the basics

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Say goodbye to the need to conform to ever-changing fashion and pointless décor accessories.

Enjoy the finer things in life – the simple things. Practice a lifestyle of mindfulness that respects nature, our place in it, and the wonderful things we enjoy every day. Welcome luxury organic custom furniture to your life.

Organic minimalism is a confluence of two ethos of living that are remarkably complementary.


Organic style is the very extension of an individual. The needs of the individual dictate the design elements, and therefore, each organic design is fully personalized to the individual’s unique needs.

Minimalism is a critical reflection on ecological degradation, spiraling debt, and instead, emphasizes the essentials over the extravagance.

Together, organic minimalism is a bold new movement that celebrates and inspires individualism, quality time with the loved ones, and spaciousness, as against emotional attachment to unnecessary material things.

Organic minimalism borrows inspirations from several interior design trends and movements, including Midwestern, modern, and organic modernism. At its core, organic minimalism is a nod to the Scandinavian style that celebrates stress-free living and tranquility of a minimalist décor.

Every person has their own reasons for choosing the organic minimalist look. However, its appeal can be generally attributed to a few significant benefits.

Enjoy the Financial Stability

Gone are the never-ending shopping for matching drapes, curtains, throw pillow covers, and more, every season.

Gone are all the trinkets and accessories that do nothing more than occupy your living space.

The emphasis on needs, the livability of materials, and the enduring style of organic furniture keeps your interior design relevant.


Enjoy the Finer Things

Stop multi-tasking. Stop being everywhere at the same time. Stop spending time away from the people you love.

Take a step back, and smell the flowers – literally, if you’d like, by sprucing up your interiors with fresh flowers.

More importantly, enjoy the stunning, spacious, and well-lit rooms. Less stuff means more space for you and your family to enjoy your time together.

Imagine custom sectionals and sofas, custom dining tables, and custom everything.

Stop relying on the TV for your entertainment. Play with each other. Enjoy the laughter, the smiles, and the bonding.


Enjoy Yourself

Aren’t you tired of running from one shop to another hunting for things that you don’t need but the “fashion gurus” say you must have?

Unlearn everything. Learn to identify and ignore the noise.

Once you start ignoring things you don’t need, you’ll be more clear-headed and be able to find things that you need. You’ll start looking for minimalist designs and organic custom furniture that are uniquely YOU.

Not an assortment of random décor elements that are borrowed from a slew of blogs and magazines.

Most importantly, you’ll finally have the time for things that you really want to do – personal development, skills upgrade, self-care, meditation, family time, and everything else that keeps you alive and happy.


Organic Minimalism is not a mere fad or a phase. It’s a rebellion against heedless consumption of things that matter little and damage more. It’s a new philosophy of life.

Browse an eclectic variety of designs in organic furniture in the San Fernando valley in Los Angeles here.

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